Unlock Semi-Passive Income & Impact 24/7/365

Transform Your Expertise + Skills Into a Unique Viral Digital Product...

...so you build an audience of buyers (who'll throw cash at anything you sell) & make money even while you sleep (yes, in this economy)

The Viral Bundles System® Lite is a plug-&-play system to launch, automate & scale your business with viral low ticket offers 

It is the exact 5-step system that brought us 20k+ paying customers via social media & helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their offers & funnels too.

Unlock Semi-Passive Income & Impact 24/7/365

Transform Your Expertise + Skills Into a Unique Viral Digital Product...

...so you build an audience of buyers (who'll throw cash at anything you sell) & make money even while you sleep (yes, in this economy)

The Viral Bundles System® Lite is a plug-&-play system to launch, automate & scale your sales with viral low ticket offers

It is the exact 5-step system that brought us 20k+ paying customers & helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their offers & funnels too through social media



Have you noticed how many entrepreneurs are selling $7, $27 or $37 digital products on social media? It seems like everyone is selling one. What's happening?

The online space is shifting! 

  • People and businesses are more selective with their investments (they're buying small before they buy big)
  • $1000+ offers are selling harder than ever before. 
  • Cost per lead has gotten expensive due to increased competition. 
  • Standing out is harder than ever as there are thousands of experts joining the online marketplace daily. 
  • Social media seems flooded with "get rich quick" scams, so people are more cynical than ever. 

But a small % of entrepreneurs and creators discovered a way to thrive in the current times: 

  • They decided to package their knowledge or skills into a signature digital product. 
  • They offered it for low cost, so that it acts as a taster impulse purchase
  • They upsold higher-cost offers, so they can grow their profits and business. 
  • They automated their sales process, so they can make sales even when they sleep. 
  • They learnt how to use social media to drive traffic 24/7/365. 
  • Which allowed them to make (semi) passive income, even when they sleep or take time off. 
  • That helped them build an email audience of devoted buyers. 
  • And that's why they never wonder where their next customer / client is going to come from. 
  • Once they reached that next level financial security, they're able to take bigger risks, invest into their personal brand and make a bigger impact. 

And if you're here on this page, chances are you too are ready for smarter strategies. 


  • Anyone who says you can get rich quick, working 1 hour a day, with low ticket & digital products is a LIAR. Success takes hard work & time. 
  • Anyone who says you don't need to have a following to make lots of money is BS-ing you. You don't need to have a large audience to start, but the size of your audience will impact your results. 
  • Anyone who says that there is no market saturation is NOT being totally honest. Most niches are saturated, but if you build an audience of people who trust you, they will buy from YOU. 
  • Anyone who says you can make passive income without ads or a team is not fully honest - true passive income is a long-term play and requires your customer support & marketing to run without you. 
  • But if you are ready to put in the work, want to make an impact and you have an entrepreneurial mind - VBS can transform your life and business. 


You are an online coach, course creator, membership leader, speaker or service provider and you are

  • tired of your diary being chock full of client calls or events that require your live presence and leaving you on the edge of chronic burnout
  • and want our virtually hands-off system that sells digital products on autopilot so you can make money & impact even when you sleep
  • fed up of the feast-and-famine cycle and the constant need to run flash sales or unpredictable and tiring live launches
  • and you want to reach and impact more people with your work in an evergreen way that brings you daily sales (even when you take time off)
  • frustrated from creating freebies, PDFs, workshops, challenges or summits, when they only attract free loaders who don’t even bother reading your emails, so you are building a list of freebie seekers who never go on to buy
  • and you would like to finally experience what it's like to get paid to grow your list and build a list of repeat buyers
  • ready to stop turning away prospects who aren't ready for your higher ticket offerings or courses (sending them right in your competitors' hands)
  • and you're ready to launch that lower ticket item that will help so many more people than you could have served on your own, keeping your prospects engaged and eager to upgrade when the time comes


  • You have a digital product that is helping tens, hundreds, or thousands of people who love it so much they become affiliates instantly
  • Ready-to-invest buyers discover you online and buy 24/7/365, even when you are sleeping or taking time off
  • Your audience and network grows every day and dream opportunities & clients fall in your lap, without you having to take the first step.
  • You have banished freebie downloaders & info hoarders from your corner of the internet and never depend on those outdated strategies for lead generation again.
  • You have to turn airplane mode ON at night because the darn Paypal and Stripe notifications won't stop pinging.
  • You can scale using ads with confidence, because they are bringing you paying customers and you're recovering your ad spend from day 1.
  • You have the pick of ideal 1-2-1 clients, so you wave goodbye to those nightmare buyers you’ve been attracting.


Because you should be.

Because this is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.



A 5-step system to create an evergreen sales funnel & viral digital product that practically sells itself 24/7/365 and builds your list with perfect buyers

  • 6 Self-paced Modules
  • Access on Desktop and Mobile
  • My $100k scripts & templates
  • Surprise Bonuses
  • Lifetime access* to the content


Simone Vincenzi, UK

Simone went from selling $2k total in online courses to joining VBS and launching 3 digital products in the publicity, events and webinar space that brought over $100k in revenue in the first 18 months. 

For reference: Simone was 5+ years in business and had an email list of 5k+ people. So his results are extraordinary, not typical! 

Annie Kaszina, UK

How Annie from the UK launched her first $30 viral bundle, making over $7,000 and went on to create a membership on the backend that last month brought her over $15k (even as a technophobe).

For reference: Annie was 10+ years in business and had an email list of 7k!


How Martin from the UK launched his first ever digital product bundle in the Organic & SEO-Driven Content Marketing Niche and sold over 279 bundles, totaling over $9253.80 in sales. Come hear his story!

For reference: Martin was in business for 5+ years and already had an established membership and email list. 


How Michelle Lewis from Idaho, US launched a Podcast Pitch Kit $30 bundle to over $5000 in revenue and over 100 new customers. 

For reference: Michelle was 5+ years in business and thousands of email subscribers already. 


How Keshelle from Barbados Lazy Launched Her First Ever $30 Toolkit And Generated Over $8000 in the Education & Instructional Design Space.

LOVELDA vincenzi, UK

How Lovelda in the UK Launched And Scaler Her First Low Ticket Viral Bundle And Generated Over $5,857.91 In The Public Speaking Space Before She Even Created It.


How Veronica from the UK Made $4000 of a brand new £27 bundle in a niche she’s not known as an expert in (Human Design).

Janine Lowe, UK

How Janine from the UK launched a $35 digital product in the chinese astrology space and generated over $50k even as a total digital product newbie. 


How Trisha from Canada Launched Her First Ever Passive Income Product And Generated Over $3000 during her pre-sale in the Indigenous Spirituality Space


How Sapphire Gray Launched Her First Ever Low Ticket Digital Offer And Generated Over £7000 in the Property Investment Space.

Harriet Waley-Cohen, UK

How Harriet from the UK launched a £30 digital product in the self-care space called the Warrior Queen Kit and sold over £1000 within the first few weeks and unleashed a new brand for her.


How Michelle  Launched Her Viral Bundle In the Autism Space and Impacted Parents and Their Children Globally.


In short, VBS Lite (The Viral Bundles System® DIY) is a 5-step plug-and-play system designed to help you create & launch a viral low ticket digital product & marketing system (or optimize and scale an existing one) that you can sell on evergreen, so you can make sales 24/7/365, even when you're not working.

Because there's nothing more recession-proof in business than adding a reliable customer acquisition system that can consistently bring daily customers consistently (even in the most saturated markets).

VBS Lite includes:


Step by step, easy to implement system, so there's NO confusion on what to do next with examples and in-depth instructions provided. 


The exact scripts and plug-and-play templates you need to get your viral bundle launched AND selling within 6 weeks (plus our $100k+ swipes)


Some of the bonuses included with VBS are worth the entire enrollment fee! They'll help you implement this system even faster & with less stress. 


You see, most people who try and sell digital products fail miserably because: 

  • They either add too many elements in their digital products (or they put a bunch of disjointed junk together, hoping it sticks), which is too overwhelming for the customer 
  • Or they don't give enough, which leads the customer to feeling disappointed 
  • They think they can use ChatGPT to create a best-selling product with 0 creative input from them. 
  • They think they can just buy a MRR or PLR product and resell it with 0 customization with success (spoiler alert: you have to make them your own and add unique value, or else you'll struggle to sell them) 
  • And if they get lucky that they pick the right product, their marketing sounds sleazy or boring, so they either end up selling NOTHING or only end up selling their digital product to people that already know them and trust them. 

That's why, with VBS you're not just creating another boring digital product.

You're creating a superior digital product people will love, which we call, A VIRAL BUNDLE!



This baby isn’t just evergreen and affordable. 

If done right, it enters your industry and makes a serious splash.

It fully solves a problem instead of teaching or teasing. 

It inspires your customers to immediately turn around and join your army of affiliates. 

Sells itself. 

Pays for itself. 

Spreads itself across time and space. 

Brings you dream opportunities by the dozen. 

A viral low ticket offer is one created with all these outcomes in mind — we’re not lumping together a bunch useless junk to give the appearance of outstanding value, and we’re not just giving away your best wisdom and hoping for the best. 

We’re strategically building an asset that is perfect for your audience and your offer suite.

A good viral bundle is not just an $27 ebook or a workshop. 

Yes, a viral bundle is strategically priced under $100 but it's different from ebooks and workshops because it provides an innovative solution, requires no learning (unless your ideal buyer is seeking to uplevel a skill) and requires no thinking for the buyer. 

A viral bundle either adds value or pleasure (helps a customer be more organized, make more money, be more productive, be more happy, have more pleasure etc.) or it takes away pain (saves money, time, hassle, frustration, stress, pain etc.)   

And because we create it so it appeals to a cold audience, they have the potential to go viral! 

  • Think email marketing templates that save time writing from scratch
  • Think project management templates that save time managing tasks
  • Think meal prep bundles that save time cooking food
  • Think self-care bundles that provide a 10 minute daily routine for stress relief.
  • Think any type of bundle that gets people to take action and have a quick win.

If your business (or core offer) is a pizza, your viral bundle is a small slice of it. 

A slice that once they have a bite of, they're not going to be able to resist but to want the whole pizza.  

Take for example our famous viral bundle - The Viral Content Templates™ - it's designed to save time, money and make content creation fun and it's why we've sold over 10k of it successfully.


Stage 1


At this stage you're thinking about creating a viral bundle but not sure how it would look. This is where you will use our Innovation Analysis™ method.

Stage 2


At this stage, you're going to research your idea and pre-sell it to your audience to determine if it's viable or not by using our PISTA script (goal is at least 100 sales)

Stage 3


Wow your customers by creating the best viral bundle & experience so they want to become advocates / affiliates of your brand.

Stage 4


The focus here is on building & automating your funnel so you can sell 1000+ viral bundles on autopilot, profitably.

Stage 5


Now that you are making money while you sleep, it's time to scale your bundle to 1000+ new customers per month and dominate your space.


  • 1300 sales in the first three weeks with a starting email list of 5000 and with a team of 2! 
  • 3000+ new customers in just over 5 months with The Viral Content Templates™
  • 1000+ affiliates because 1 in 10 customers sign up to refer us within an hour of purchasing 
  • Sales every day for over 1000+ consecutive days
  • Audience grown to over 250K followers and 20K+ paying customers as of today 
  • Over 1,000 members in our membership which was launched off the back of our viral bundle 
  • 80%+ of business income now generated from evergreen digital products, meaning a lot more impact, freedom, profits, and getting to be picky with our launches, partnerships & clients
  • Ad spend increased from a hundreds of $ per month to thousands of $ per month.
  • Paid speaking gigs as well as dream opportunities for publicity and collaboration
  • $1m Kajabi Hero Award unlocked
  • Getting featured on Business Insider and sharing my story
  • Oh, and 10 different ways to use the viral bundle to build a high end licensing machine, all adding to our bottom line without me creating anything new to sell or spending any additional time on delivery.
  • And yes, I've been in business for 8+ years and my results aren't typical (I'm just not a typical person). But the reason I am transparent is to show you WHY I believe in this system (and still use it today). 


Think that’s just us? We have an ENTIRE Hall of Fame with Success Stories

  • Tell that to Simone who created 3 viral bundles in the speaking, publicity and webinar space and adding over $200,000 to his bottom line (with 5+ years in business and a starting email list of 11k+) 
  • Tell that to Janine who made over $50,000 in the astrology space (with 10+ years in business but 0 experience with digital products) 
  • Tell that to Glenyce who brought over $10,000 in pre-orders alone in 2 weeks in the manifestation space through Facebook groups with 10+ years in business.
  • Tell that to Martin who made over $20,000 with 2 viral bundles in the SEO / content marketing space with 5+ years in business. 
  • Tell that to Kirsty who made over $5000 in 1 week with a viral bundle in the instagram marketing space, and has brought over $50,000 extra on the backend since (with 5+ years in business and 20k+ followers). 
  • Tell that to Michelle M who generated over $5,000 in 3 weeks with a viral bundle in the branding space.
  • Tell that to Lacy who brought over $20,000 in the copywriting space
  • Tell that to Diana who brought over 100 sales and $5,000 in the membership retention space (with an email list of less than 1,000 people)
  • Tell that to Harriet who generated over $1200 in sales with a self-care bundle in the first 3 weeks
  • Tell that to Judy who made over $3000 in 2 weeks with a viral bundle in the healing space
  • Tell that to Michelle L who made over $10,000 in sales with a viral bundles in the podcasting & color psychology space.
  • Tell that to Macy who made over $2000 in 3 weeks with a viral bundle in the relationship space 
  • Tell that to Sarah W who made over $1000 in sales with a viral bundle in the weight loss niche in the first 30 days 
  • Sure, our own numbers are somewhat more impressive.
  • A huge part of that is that we’ve had a head start, though.
  • Which reminds me… Maybe don’t wait too long?


Because we're living in times when everyone's skeptical! 

People are buying "small" before they buy "big". 

Having a viral bundle that strangers can comfortably buy is a game-changer for entrepreneurs as it allows you to build trust with people.

And also, if not NOW, then when? By plugging in VBS today, you're setting the foundations to thrive & grow in 2024! 

The best time to create this type "passive / semi passive digital product" income stream is BEFORE you need to take a break from work.  


The VBS curriculum includes a mixture of modules & bonuses. As soon as you join, you're going to get INSTANT access to the VBS Modules and bonuses.  

Each of the 6 modules is completed with short and sweet videos, transcriptions, closed captions, workbooks, actionable templates and cheat sheets to help you actually get your bundle done! Some of the bonuses are text only, others are videos only - but most importantly, we love to listen to your feedback and help you succeed.

Since this is a DIY option - you can work through the system at your own pace AND you get access to all future updates of the content! 


The 6 Core Modules of the Viral Bundles System® 

(Lifetime Access)

($3000 value)




Create your value ladder and learn how and where to plug in and leverage your low ticket bundle to sell more memberships, services and higher end offers to your perfect clients.

When you understand the 7 reasons why people will buy your low-ticket offers, you will finally escape the frustration of attracting customers with NO money and start enjoying the rewards of  getting paid to fill your pipeline with the perfect clients for your signature offers and higher end services.




Uncover the secret behind why some low ticket bundles go viral and are bought by thousands of customers, even in heavily saturated markets (like the Viral Content Templates™). Spoiler alert: it’s in the idea!

Using Innovation Analysis™ you’ll be guided to come up with an innovative offer your audience will be eager to throw money at before you even create it.

And if you already have an offer, we’ll help you turn it into the perfect (profitable to the max) impulse purchase that even strangers will be keen to snap up.




The aim of the game in this Module is for you to make the first 100 pre-sales of your bundle using social media (no ads) and a simple 2-page pre-sale funnel so simple that even if you’re a technophobe, you will be able to set up without shedding tears!

You’ll get your hands on the exact system, fill-in-the-blank templates and scripts we use to validate our bundle offers and ensure we don’t waste a second making products nobody wants to pay for.




Wow your customers when you create the best bundle and customer experience so they get great results and become raving fans, advocates and affiliates of your brand.

Create all your individual bundle elements in half the time with our templates and ready-made outlines - including your checkout and thank you pages, the membership area where you’ll deliver your bundle content, and email sequence to send their login details on autopilot and follow up.




Use our fill-in-the-blank templates and swipes to build a high converting sales page and funnel - the CRITICAL sales system that will bring you bundle customers 24/7/365 on autopilot.

We’ll also show you under the hood of our entire internal tech stack and email sequences so you get to see how the engine of your bundle sales system could (almost) run itself.




Finally, you’ll learn the exact Facebook ads strategy we used to bring our fist 3000 customers (profitably on the front end) and how we continue to stay on top of our game in 2022 unaffected by iOS changes.

And I’ll also show you how we grew our affiliate network to almost 1000 people who bring us affiliate sales, virtually on autopilot, ready for when you want your own “virtual sales team” sending a stream of referrals into your sales machine.



($2000 VALUE)

If you’re not a natural copywriter or designer, don’t panic! We’re giving you alllll the copy templates, design templates, and swipes we used to implement the system and bring our first 3000 customers in 5.5 months. And if you are good at copy, you'll save yourself at least 20+ hours of work. 


“Is that it?”

Of course not. What kind of an online business do you think I’m running here? ;) That was the core of the offering.

Yes, all the things I know you NEED to get new customers into your pipeline on AUTOPILOT. 

If you’re ready to say yes to GOING ALL IN, then we've got a few more goodies for ya, on top of the core curriculum.



How to Leverage Other People's Audiences to Make Sales

($500 VALUE)

Whether you have an audience of 1000 or 100k, in this short video walkthrough, you’ll discover how you can grow your reach by leveraging other people’s audiences, memberships, podcasts and more.



($500 VALUE)

Thinking of launching a membership soon? You’re going to love my swipe file of all the social media posts and emails that led to $45k in pre-orders of our The Viral Content Club® membership and brought in 150 founding members in days.


VBS Case Studies Vault

($500 VALUE)

Want to see how VBS has been applied to multiple industries? We’ll share with you case studies with some of our most successful students, revealing exactly how they sold, launched and promoted their bundles with success.



($1000) VALUE

Not sure what digital product you can create and sell? Create and sell a niche planner for your audience using our done-for-you Canva templates. Whether you're a finance expert and you want to help people with their day to day budgeting, a health expert and you want to help people track their meals or you simply want to sell a planner because you know it's one of the hottest products people buy around the beginning of the year, this bundle of templates will help you do it in no time.





Spread Your Payments

Pay In

The 6 Core VBS Modules (Lifetime Access) including: 
- our value ladder creation process
- bundle innovation process
- pre-sale process
- creating your bundle process
- automation of your sales process
- our facebook ads strategy 
- our affiliate strategy
- lifetime access to all current and future updates


Our $100k+ Templates and Swipes Vault 


BONUS: Our VCC Pre-Sale Swipes That Led to $45k in Pre-Orders and 150 founding members


BONUS: Create & Sell Your Own 2024 Planner (Canva Templates Kit)


BONUS: VBS Case Studies Vault


BONUS: 20 min call with Katya (first 3 buyers only) - must claim within 3 months or else it's gone! 



Save additional $300 when you pay in full 





$7,500 USD

  • 6 Self-paced Modules
  • Access on Desktop and Mobile
  • My $100k scripts and templates
  • Surprise Bonuses

Ready to enroll in the Viral Bundles System® Lite (self-paced DIY version) and get access to $8300 worth of goodies.

Total Value: $8,300


3 monthly payments of $599.99 USD

$1,800 USD
$1499.99 USD ONE-TIME


No, it's not EASY!

If it was easy, then everyone would be doing $100k in 5 months with $30 viral bundles.

Many entrepreneurs try out digital products, make $5k-$10k worth of sales, and then when it's the perfect time to OPTIMIZE and scale, they choose not to. 

The reality is, most people aren't making it work because they're too impatient - expecting to see results in the short term, when digital products is a long-term play. 

Many don't know how to.

Because they’ve never done it.

I don’t know about you but I like to learn from leaders and mentors who are having success with a system TODAY, not 5 years ago.

I also only care about mentors who are transparent and generous with their behind the scenes insights and share their ACTUAL materials instead of gatekeeping.

And while I don’t know if you’ll be our next success story, I know pretty well who this can work for and who this will not work for. Shall we talk about that?


VBS Lite is perfect for you if:

  • You are a course creator, membership owner, service provider, influencer, coach, expert etc. - i.e. you have knowledge or skill you can share with the World (and do it confidently). 
  • You are a self-sufficient learner and implementer (or you have a team of learners and implementers) and are looking for insights from behind the scenes of a successful digital product business. You are good at applying knowledge to your situation. 
  • You have a main product, service or community that is beyond just an idea phase and is actually selling to clients / customers / brands. 
  • You want to do more passive income products and help more people.
  • You know how to sell but could benefit from MORE leads and customers 
  • You have a community or access to a community (even if it's small). The bigger the community, the more sales you could make. The smaller the community, the more patient you need to be and the more you have to focus on growing your community.  
  • Running ads isn't necessary - you can execute our entire system organically but if you PLAN to run ads, you should have at least a basic understanding of Facebook and Instagram ads or be open to learning the basics using the recommended resource - Facebook Blueprint. 
  • You're in a good financial place where this investment won't make or break your business. We just don't believe in creating from a place of desperation.
  • You are doing well but you want to do better.


VBS is NOT ideal for you if: 

  • You're looking to get rich quick and make passive income the lazy way. VBS is for the long-term minded, hard-working creators and innovators who want to put their best work out there and make a bigger impact in the World. The money and the (almost) passive income is a by-product for them. 
  • You have never sold anything online or have no idea who your ideal customer is. While VBS can be used at any stage of business, our most successful students have basic business / marketing systems in place to make money online. 
  • You are unwilling to market or grow an audience online. Every successful digital product business has a social media and/or email list. You don't have to show your face to do it (but it helps), but you need to be willing to post on social media at a minimum. 
  • You are someone who is looking for a group coaching environment. While we do offer personalized 1-2-1 coaching sessions, and there is a facebook community space for all our customers, this is a self-paced DIY version of VBS. 
  • You are struggling financially. VBS is not here to save anyone from drowning. We are looking for entrepreneurs who can grow with or without us, but want to do it better, do it faster and have more fun along the way.
  • You are only joining to copy our swipes and templates word for word and sell your own bundle similar to ours. You MUST significantly customize our templates for your own business / industry.
  • You are someone who needs to know all 50 steps before they even take step 1. Here at Viral Marketing Stars® we believe in focusing on the step ahead and making progress. 


One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Will a viral bundle work for my niche?” And the answer is, HECK YES.

It’s very easy to think “Yeah but this doesn’t work in my niche” or “Yeah, but this won’t work for my type of client”.

To that I say, why not? What is so special about your niche? And about your client… you’re telling me that they will NOT want a product that’s innovative, helpful & affordable?

Let me ask you this...

Will a freebie work for your niche? Because if the answer is YES, then a viral bundle is simply a natural progression of the freebie you had in your mind.  

Plus, we have personally tested viral bundles with our students from these niches (B2B and B2C)


Relationship Coaching




Chinese astrology




Team Processes & Hiring


Aging & Beauty




Tarot & Intuition

Cancer Healing

Social Media





Emotional Abuse Recovery

And more




Chinese astrology

          Tarot &          Intuition

Team Processes & Hiring



Cancer Healing

Social Media







Relationship Coaching

Emotional Abuse Recovery


Aging & Beauty




And more

The truth is, the online education industry is expected to increase from a $187 Billion industry to $319 Billion in the next 5 years. 

And I know that sounds like an attractive number but the truth is, the market is saturated.

There are so many courses and so many memberships for pretty much everything under the sun. 

And people are becoming more discerning when choosing who to buy from. They’re doing research. They’re buying small before they buy big. Because they’re skeptical. 

That’s where having THE BEST front end bundle is really important.

That's what the Viral Bundles System® helps you do.



Happy Customers









The innovator. The viral marketing strategist. The blonde. 

She's been in the world of marketing for over 10 years, and, well, she's been a busy girl: 

  • Reaching over 250K followers through her social media channels
  • Featuring on Business Insider, CNN International, Forbes and Entrepreneur
  • Handling marketing campaigns for Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Superdry
  • Founding Viral Marketing Stars®
  • Helping over 20,000 clients in the process create content that wows and make their message famous.


How does the whole VBS Lite thing work? What happens after I purchase?

This is the self-study version of the Viral Bundles System® - our 5 step system for creating and selling low ticket offers that go viral and grow your list of buyers.

At the checkout, you'll add your name, email address and address. 

You'll be given the option to purchase add-on coaching calls if you'd like 1-2-1 support on top of the program. 

Then, you'll get instant access to the first 6 modules as well as some of the bonuses. Some of the bonus elements are still being developed and you'll get them in the coming weeks / months.

All the content is delivered in a membership area through Kajabi (our platform of choice) and is easily accessible through any device.

By the time you've implemented the system, you'll have a digital product that can sell on autopilot for you!

Any questions? Use the CHAT button on this page OR email hello (at) viralmarketingstars.com 

Do I get lifetime access to the modules + bonuses? 

The short answer is "pretty much". For legal purposes, we can't exactly say LIFETIME but you'll have access to the materials for as long as this exists on the internet including all future updates. 

So yes, as long as your payments are in good standing. In other words, if you join on a payment plan but your payment fails, you will immediately lose access to all of the content until you submit your next payment.

And finally, not only you get access to the content NOW but ALL the future updates to the VBS option that you choose. 

What if I don't have an ads budget or don't know how to run ads.

Not to worry.

You won't need to run ads at the beginning as we'll show you how to sell it organically (through your audience AND through leveraging other people's audiences).

Only THEN, when it's validated, and when you've made decent profits, you can invest in ads if you want to.

We'll show you how to setup your ads and show you behind the scenes of how we run our ads, including how we launch and scale from $300 a month all the way to now spending $15k-$20k a month profitably.

If you're a complete newbie with Facebook ads, you can either go through Facebook Blueprint (which is a free course by Facebook themselves) and then go through our training to set up your ads OR you can leverage the profits you make to hire a facebook ads manager.

The bottom line is, ads are optional.

Does VBS teach how to create an affiliate program?

Yes, it does! I'll show you our exact affiliate system that helped us grow our affiliate network to almost 1000 affiliates. In August 2021, our affiliates brought us over $90k in a month alone! I'll show you how we did that and how you can automate the whole process.

I don't have an idea for what my bundle is - will this help?

Absolutely, we have an entire module in the course designed to help you come up with the right idea and how to validate it so you don't waste time creating something people won't buy.

Plus, we'll give you plenty of examples from multiple industries so you can get inspiration and ideas.

You don't need to have your offer nailed. The system will help you come up with the idea and package it in a way people will want to buy it.

Only caveat is, you actually need to understand your ideal client, or else, no amount of templates or support will help you there.

The market wants what it wants. You can't out-market a crap product. It needs to be a product that solves a problem, people are willing to pay to solve.

Do I need to use Kajabi or can I use any tech to implement the system? 

You don't have to use Kajabi! We just love and recommend Kajabi as our platform of choice but our members use all sorts of tech including Clickfunnels, ThriveCart, SamCart, MemberVault, GrooveFunnels.

And some of our members don't even have any of that and simply use Paypal buttons!

Finally, if you want to have a digital product business that sells on autopilot - you'll have to use technology anyway :) Might as well do it NOW, rather than wait another 12 months! Let's do this! 

Will you give us email / copy swipes and templates too? 

Yes, when you join VBS you'll get access to design templates, email templates and copy templates that you can customize and sell your own bundle with.

These copy templates are designed to help you save a ton of time and remove analysis paralysis. 

Who is VBS Lite best for? 

Have a business. Want more for it.  

Well maybe a few more things...

1) Be an expert or skilled already. We can’t teach you how to be good at your thing, only how to package and sell it.

2) Be open to creating and selling digital products through social media. It’s, like, our whole thing.

3) Be on social media and use it actively already. We’re in 2024, and we need you to be here with us.

4) Be coachable, a self-starter, and open to implementing. The system doesn’t work unless you work it.

5) Be someone who’s made sales before. We don’t want to waste your time before you have proof of concept.

We have always been a community of thought leaders and change makers.

Be that. Aspire to make the world a better place.

We’re probably not for you if your main goal is to make all the money for the sake of the money by doing none of the work.

Who is this not good for?

Information hoarders who buy stuff and never do stuff with it.

People who blame others for their lack of progress or success.

People who default on payment plans or debts.

People who aren’t willing to give more than they get.

People who don’t know what they want to sell.

People who have no audience.

People who have no business.

How is this new and different from all the other courses out there?

For a starters, this isn't exactly a course. I mean yes, there are modules and swipes templates. But it's so much more.

It's a system in a box. It's a philosophy. It's a way of running business that is supported by you but isn't dependent on you. It's a way of life. It's a way to create mainstream impact.

And it's the exact system, strategy, tools and assets we used to build our business to over 10k+ customers. If you are the kind of person who learns from insights and seeing behind the scenes, you're gonna love this.

This is definitely not just a LEARNING system. 

It's a DOING system. 

How much work will I need to put in? I’m stretched pretty thin as it is.

The true answer is, “as much as it takes”.

Not “15 minutes in the morning”, no.

But it’ll probably still work out to quite a few hours less than you’re putting in right now.

And once you nail your offer and implement the system all the way to stage 4, you will have automated at least 70% of the sales process and at least 90% of your product delivery.

Which means no more sales calls to make money.

No more depending on 1-2-1 clients to keep the lights on.

Plus, you have lifetime* access to the content so you work on it whenever you feel like.

Bottom line is, self-awareness is key.

Are you asking hoping that you won't have to do any work while reaping all the rewards? Don't join.

Are you asking because you're simply curious how the content is delivered?

If you're a mega fast learner like Katya, it will take you probably 2-4 hours to go over each module. 

If you like to go over materials multiple times and think things through, 4-8 hours per module will be more realistic.  

And anything above that is time you'll spend building your product / funnel.

Don't worry.

We will not bury you in learning because we need you BUILDING your offer and bundle.

Ultimately, ANY TIME you spend learning and implementing the Viral Bundles System® is time you'll be working ON your business.

Food for thought.

Am I actually guaranteed to make $100k from a viral bundle?

No. I am not an Ivy League School Dean, I am not going to lie to you here.

No business is human-proof, life-proof, or progress-proof. I don’t know what’s going to happen or not happen in your brain, your personal life, or your industry in the next few years. It’s frustrating, but the manifesting fairies do not send me forecasts.

There are a few other guarantees I can make you though.

I guarantee you that the content in the Viral Bundles System® is the fastest way I know to consistent growth and prosperity for any business out there.

I guarantee you that the templates and swipes are going to save you a minimum of $2000 worth of your time (if not more). 

What's your refund and cancellation policy?

Due to the downloadable and confidential nature of the Viral Bundles System® materials, all sales are final.

In this program we are sharing our top secret proprietary system including our entire back-end infrastructure, templates, swipes and trade secrets that no one else has access to, so I think you get why we can’t refund because once you SEE it, you cannot UNSEE it.

We've had hundreds of students go through The Viral Bundles System® and have success. 

Check out our VBS Hall of Fame , the 2022 Black Friday Marketplace and the Case Studies on this page to see what's possible.

If you have any concerns, feel free to use the CHAT button option on this page or email [email protected] 

Do you have a payment plan and what payment methods do you accept?

Yes, we offer payment plan options to help finance your purchase and join us today.

Should you choose the payment plan, you will be responsible for completing your payment plan. This is not a subscription you can cancel.

If you are paying in full, you have the option to pay via Card or PayPal. If you're on a payment plan, Card is the way to go.

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Visa Debit.

None of these options work for you? Use the HELP chat button or email [email protected]

Is this suitable for beginners?

Beginners in business? Nope. Beginners on social media who don't even have social accounts? Nope.

Beginners in digital products? Sure, as long as you take full responsibility for the fact that you're new to this, that the learning curve will be steep AND as long as you don't expect instant ROI.

In fact, you're welcome to join us in VBS if you accept that your first digital product, most likely will be a tech headache to set up and will not bring you thousands of sales.

That's the nature of the game.

The Viral Bundles System® students who get THE BEST results and the fastest are those who have launched at least something online before, whether that was a mastermind, an event, a workshop, a course, a membership, a book or any other info product.

Do I get any coaching or support from Katya or team Viral Marketing Stars® 

There is no coaching included in this investment as it's an entirely self-paced, DIY offer.

Having said that, we do offer coaching sessions with the Viral Marketing Stars® team for tech support at an additional investment. That is available to you as a student at anytime and will be available at the checkout page.

What if I can't afford it? 

If investing in this program will put financial burden on your business or personal life - please don't join! I am not one to make people get credit cards or loans to over-stretch themselves. 

If, however, you're scared of investing because you are terrified you might actually succeed, that's a good thing :) Don't worry, we'll teach you how to automate the entire sales process so your low ticket offer can sell itself even when you aren't available to market / sell it! 

The goal is to remove stress, not add to it! 

And this system is for those who are doing well but want to do better. 


I don't know you, your business and your work ethic to know for sure if you'll be able to do everything required to GET to that place.

I didn't just wake up one day with passive income digital product sales.

I had to drop my ego, listen to my audience, test different offers, optimize my messaging, sales funnel and get scrappy - for years.

Plus, I am a hard worker. I love to work. I love social media. I love creating. I love helping people.  

And because of that, today I have an incredible business, daily hands-off sales plus a few extra other perks, like growing an awesome team that supports it all and the real possibility of selling the business in the future because it no longer depends on my face having to sell or deliver.

But there were steps I had to take to get there.

And decisions and identity shifts I had to make to get there.

And a system I've been using and perfecting for the last 8 years to get there.

And admittedly, a certain level of luck along the way, too. 

If YOU want the steps

And if YOU want the identity shifts needed...

If YOU want the system

A rinse and repeat almost hands-off system for generating passive and semi-passive income and growing your list with buyers on autopilot.

That can be yours today.

As long as you're ready to do what's required to GET THERE.

Right now, your ideal clients are scrolling social media & looking for solutions to buy.

Some are already following you; some haven't discovered you yet.

And they all have struggles and problems they're willing to pay to solve.

  • Some have goals and want a system or process to make it happen efficiently. 
  • Some are stuck in analysis paralysis looking for ideas on what to do next.
  • Some are overwhelmed and terrified and looking for tools to save time, regulate their emotions and remove stress.
  • Some are focused on their development and want to learn new skills.
  • Some are bored looking for something to spark joy and fun.

Whatever it is, our system has helped our students turn complete strangers into buyers within minutes in ALL kinds of niches including personal finance, marketing, relationship coaching, publicity, self-care and more...

With it, you may see yourself quickly grow your audience and become the go to authority in your niche.

A recognized authority others cannot wait to interview, feature and affiliate for.

Because the thing with this framework is, it helps you BRING NEW AND PERFECT CUSTOMERS every day.

The kind of customers who need your help AND are willing to pay to have their problem solved.

If you're anything like our average client, you are way too good at what you do to remain a best kept secret.

We know your worth.

It's time you knew it too.

More importantly...

It's time your growth and revenue reflected it.

So that the ones that are meant to come into your circle notice you, and instantly get you, and desperately want you, and cannot wait to pay you.

So that you can finally have the business you want.

Built on confidence and attraction, not self-doubt and coercion.

It’s not a pipe dream, just a question of working with the right system.

Ours is a system you will not regret trying.

Foolproof and comprehensive.

All so that your message and products can be made famous.

All with more time and energy for what matters.

And for the best price you'll ever get!


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