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Offers from Viral Marketing Stars®️ 

Black Friday offers to uplevel your marketing systems, go viral on social media and make sales on autopilot (without stress or shady tactics).

The Viral Content Templates™ Variety Pack

100+ Editable Social Media Canva Templates That Are Proven To Go Viral & Grow Your Audience. Black Friday Special expires soon!

The Viral Content Club® Membership

The annual subscription for experts providing done for you content that grows your social media and makes you sales on autopilot 365 days a year.
Doors are closing soon! 

The Viral Bundles System® Lite (DIY version)

A self-paced, diy version of our 5 step system to create a viral low ticket offer & funnel that practically sells itself 24/7/365 and builds your list with buyers instead of free loaders

Viral Bundles from our VBS students!

70+ highly sought after experts created a low ticket, high value digital bundle that helps people enhance their business, career, or personal life so that YOU can benefit from their years of knowledge without paying thousands of dollars for their expertise. 

Get your wallets ready because these deals are going away soon! 

Bundles To Improve Your Business & Career

Whether you're looking to increase your wealth, optimize your operations or create content faster our VBS students have the perfect bundles for you. Some of them are available to download instantly, some of them are available to pre-order. Hurry up and get them before they're gone!

The Blog Post Template Pack

Jammy Digital's Fill-in-the-blanks blog post templates for business owners who want higher search engine rankings and more sales. Valued at $700.

The Webinar Conversion Kit

Simone Vincenzi's bundle to create a high-converting webinar presentation in 24hrs without being sleazy or manipulative. Valued at $1600.

Business Dashboard HQ

Alycia Edgar's dashboard templates to keep you organized and focused on the task at hand. One place to control everything. Valued at $1,579.

The Business Astrology Bundle

Aliza Rose's astrology reports bundle for entrepreneurs who want a shortcut to success using the stars. Valued at $995.

"Be The Change" Bundle

TR Garland's 7 Simple Steps For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Who Want To Instantly Increase Their Impact, Influence, & Income. Valued at $718.

How to Hire and Train Your First VA Bundle

Laura Briggs; bundle with step-by-step instructions and templates to help you hire your first virtual assistant. 
Valued at $197.

Get Booked Speaker Toolkit

Lovelda Vincenzi's toolkit to help you become a stand out speaker that your dream events queue to book.
Valued at $250.

The Generator's Coaching Toolkit™

Veronica Pullen's ultimate self-coaching toolkit for Generators & Manifesting Generators who want more success & abundance. Valued at £299.

Instant Outsourcing Bundle

100 + customizable step-by-step tasks to run your business like a Rockstar!
Valued at $2500.

Cashflow Maximiser Toolkit

Morena Russell's ultimate shortcut to being in control of your business cash in less than 30 minutes a week. Valued at $499.

Rapid Course Creation Toolkit

Keshelle Davis's bundle that includes everything experts need to create (and catapult) your online course in 7 days or less. Valued at $997.

The Activate Your Audience™️ Bundle

Julie Creffield's bundle for business owners who want to make big cash with a small audience in just 10 days with this easy to follow system. Valued at $500.

The All-in-One Launch Kit

Rosie Di Lecce's bundle that includes everything you need to Plan, Launch and Deliver your Group Program in just 30 days. Valued at $299.

The Membership Retention Kit

Diana Tower's ultimate collection of actionable retention boosting ideas & time saving tools to boost lifetime customer value. Valued at $310.

The Price to Profit®️ Bundle

Dominique Mullally's bundle for experts who want to increase their profits through strategic pricing without the need for more sales. Valued at $368.

Astrology for Wealth

Janine Lowe's bundle to significantly increase your long term wealth, prosperity and fortune by leveraging Chinese Astrology.

The 4-Hour Course Creation Kit

Debi Smallwood's Plug 'n Play Process for Creating Course Content that Captures Attention & Gets Results and Delivers the Impact Promised. Valued at $979.

The Podcast Pitch Kit

Michelle Lewis' Step by step pitch kit system for booking podcasts in half the time. Valued at $250.

DMs To Dream Clients

Rose Radford's proven DM scripts to help you establish YOUR name as an expert and land more clients! Valued at $750.

Financial Tidy Up Bundle

Christine Luken's bundle to organize & streamline your personal finances in 3 easy steps. Valued at $222.

The Sell Without "Selling" System

Kat Soper's map for making online sales on autopilot without feeling sleazy! Valued at $360.

One Hour Content Amplifier

Nina Christian's bundle to get the Content you ALREADY HAVE in front of 10x more people in just AN HOUR or less a week! Valued at $775.

New Revenue Stream Roadmap

Stephanie Marquardt's bundle for businesses wanting longer & bigger Contract Wins with the largest consumer in the world, the Federal Government. Valued at $700.

The Journey Map Template Kit

Lisa Mercier's customizable Canva templates for experts who want a visual journey of their customer’s path to success. Valued at $425.

The Color Kit

Michelle Lewis's bundle to re-learn your brand intent + choose your color based on science. Valued at $97.

The Social Media Solution

Victoria Yuen's step by step guides to set up your social media + 365 days content ideas + templates. Valued at $940.

Ultimate Content Planning System

Lacy Bogg's ultimate system to organize how you and your team plan, create, and repurpose content. Valued at $500.

SEO Starter Pack

Jammy Digital's practical SEO pack that helps you get higher rankings and more website traffic. Valued at $375.

My Business, My Flow Toolkit

Mira Rutter's proven system for working with your female cycle to create business success, have more energy & ditch overwhelm. Valued at £300.

Manifest Your Money Goal

Glenyce Hughes's Manifestation Toolkit filled with everything you need to set your monthly money goal AND manifest it. Valued at $1177.

The Property Investors Toolkit™

Sapphire Grey's ultimate Toolkit For Newbie Investors Toolkit that gives over 300+ Property Template, Checklist, Swipe File And Data. Valued at £3,200.

Social Media for Authors Toolkit

Janeen Ippolito's ultimate system to create and schedule your fiction social media content so you have more time to write! Valued at $205.

Come Hell Or High Water Black Friday Special

Marvin LeBlanc's anthology & the Amazon #1 bestseller from the legendary sales trainer & speaker. Fuel your next sales breakthrough! Use FRIDAY21 coupon at checkout. Valued at $70.

The Profit Package

Christine Nguyen's ultimate Profit tracker of templates & formula that gives  stressed entrepreneurs financial freedom and clarity. Valued at $750.

Hands-Free-Team Building Toolkit

Sally Marshall's bundle for business owners who want to build a business that runs itself so they have the option of selling it. Valued at $499.

Get Paid to Speak Toolkit

Lovelda Vincenzi's ultimate toolkit to turn any speaking opportunity into 4 or 5 figure gig. Valued at $290.

The SMART Investing Toolkit

Kar Yong Ang's complete set of toolkits to help investors research the market with ease and manage their portfolio efficiently. Valued at $297.

The Stand UP & Stand OUT Content Creation Kit

Sally Hendrick's Stand UP for your beliefs & Stand OUT from the crowd with fun-inspired content to exponentially expand your influence! Valued at $300.

365 Days of Witching Social Content for the Southern Hemisphere

Camelia Vasile's 365 editable Canva Templates + Story-based Prompts for Facebook posts, Instagram posts and stories, and Pinterest pins. Valued at $1,953.

Beauty Biz Visibility Vault

Tazeem Jamal's bundle for Beauty Business owners to create consistent content without overwhelm.
Valued at $165.

The Mid-Career Mentor Kit

Nicola Payne's step by step guide full of templates, scripts and tips to help you find and get the most out of your mentor.
Valued at £444.

Profit Maximizer For Online Entrepreneurs

Cathy Connell's ultimate toolkit for online Entrepreneurs to increase their take-home pay while taking control of their finances. Valued at $600.

Book Writers' Cafe

Laura Baxter's create a high-converting webinar presentation in 24hrs without being sleazy or manipulative.
Valued at $1600.

Land Your Dream Job Toolkit

Tywauna Wilson's ultimate toolkit for professionals to make career success a reality so they can succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Valued at $297.

Intergenerational Trauma Toolkit for Therapists

Barbara Woods' assessment system for therapists to transform the most complicated cases you'll see in your therapy office. Valued at $585.

PE In A Box™ 300+ Resource Bundle

FUNDA's bundle which has everything Teachers Need To Teach PE and save time. Valued at $999.

Business Coach in a Box

Maria Bernhagen's bundle to help you create a customized start up success plan and unlock your superpowers. Valued at $195.

The Protection Kit™

The Complete UK Trade Marking Kit with step by step training, templates + swipe copy to protect your IP by Gemma Went. Valued at $200

The Pianist's Success Ritual Toolkit

Daniel Roberts' daily success practice routine for pianists to get their mind and body relaxed for their best Performance. Valued at $99

The Salon Business Owners Bundle

The Ultimate Business Bundle for Hair & Beauty Salon Owners Who Want More Profits with Less Overwhelm by John Hickey. Valued at $614.

Bundles To Improve Your Life & Happiness

Whether you're looking to improve your health, energy, fun, skin, intuition, relationship, self-care, family or mindset, our VBS students have the perfect bundles for you. Some of them are available to download instantly, some of them are available to pre-order. Hurry up and get them before they're gone! 

The 10 Second Meal Plan Kit

Julie Richard's bundle helping you create quick + healthy meals without the overwhelm. Valued at $299.

The Ultimate Meditation Bundle

Veronica Hollingsworth's meditation bundle to reset your body and soul during these crazy times. Valued at $300.

Thriving With ADHD Starter Pack

Jessi Romero's bundle with the top hacks & resources for your brain that'll save you time, head bangs on the wall, & help you thrive with ADHD. Valued at $520.

Astrology for Stellar Relationships

Dr. Dar Hawks' ultimate toolkit for empathic women who need a breakthrough in a relationship that's consuming their life force - so they can feel confident, secure, valued and appreciated. Valued at $499.

Psychic Activation Bundle

Trisha Condo's Ultimate Psychic Activation Bundle for spiritually sensitive women to Activate Their Psychic Powers. Valued at $732.

The Anti-Anxiety Bundle (for kids)

Lisa Davenport's bundle for increasing your child's self-esteem to help them overcome anxiety, so they can grow up to be the happiest version of themselves. Valued at $211.

The Hormone Energizer System

Dr. Faith Coats'a revolutionary system to optimize your energy hormones so you can rewire your body's limitless energetic potential.
Valued at $1143.

Fearless Birth & Pregnancy Fear Release Starter Pack

Alexia Leachman's fear clearance scripts to clear the 10 most common pregnancy and birth fears quickly and without fuss.
Valued at $156.

Spirit Baby Connections Bundle

Sabrina Fletcher's bundle to Heal after the difficult decision to terminate a wanted pregnancy (TFMR) through connecting with your baby.
Valued at $277.

Root Cause Resolution Toolkit

Gala Gorman's bundle to Identify the Toxins and Triggers That Are Hijacking Your Immune System!
Valued at $350.

The Anti-Stress Meditation Bundle

Trina Hayes' Ultimate Bundle of 10 Meditations to reduce stress and bring more gratitude into your life. Valued at $580.

Lunar-Powered Abundance: a starter kit

Mary Hykel Hunt's bundle to supercharge your manifesting results by harnessing Moon magic. Valued at £99.

Win Your Custody Case Bundle

Priscilla Pelgen's Strategy + tactics swipes for protecting yourself from lies + manipulation. Valued at $555.

Healing Grief Bundle

Jacqueline Steudler's bundle to Heal Your Grieving Heart After A Loss with proven methods to navigate your healing journey. Valued at $473.

The Autism Connection Toolkit™

Michelle De Beer's bundle to Help your Autistic Child Build Deeper, Genuine Connections in just 1 activity each day. 7 Days, 7 Ways. Valued at $750.

Attract Your Soulmate Starter Kit

Keshia Rice's bundle  to Captivate, Connect, and Get Commitment.
Valued at $500.

Metabolic BioHack Bundle

David Owers' bundle to Speed-up your metabolism so you can reach your weightless and belly-fat reduction goals with more ease. Valued at $800.

Rediscover My Passion Bundle

Dan Shaker's bundle tailored to create lasting change in your relationships.
Valued at $300.

SoulMate Magnetizer Bundle

Jodi Santangelo's perfect bundle for frustrated singles who want deeper connection, meaningful relationships, and long-lasting love. Valued at $299.

Workaholic's Breakthrough Toolkit

Tracey Cumming's bundle for breaking the shackles of the hamster wheel and helping workaholics finally live their best life. Value at $450.

Calm, Centered & In Control

Harriet Waley-Cohen's bundle to conquer your inner self so you can have anything you want. Use coupon CCCBLACKFRIDAY for 50% OFF! 

The Resilience Kit

Take back control of your life with the Emotional Resilience First Aid Kit by Sarah Brent. Valued at $400

The Breaking Old Patterns Toolkit

The tools to help you become a narcissist-free zone, heal old wounds build great relationships and live your best life. Valued at $1188

The Teentography Creative Captures Kit

Fun photo activities for teens to creatively capture the world around them (and wow their family in the process!) by Beryl Young. Usually $60

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