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Turn strangers into superfans and clients with social media (without being pushy or wasting your life online) even if you have a tiny audience.



Canva templates & tools for experts & brands who want to go viral and make more sales with less stress through social media - so they can become the Viral Marketing Stars® of their industry!

2024 PLR Viral Content Calendar

We analyzed 1,000+ viral contents & distilled them into a year of content ideas, hooks, & CTAs for digital creators & service providers. Use them or rebrand in Canva/Notion to resell it as a niche calendar w/ Private Label Rights (PLR)*

The Viral Content Templates™

100+ Social Media Canva Templates That Are Proven To Go Viral on social media. Fully customizable with your brand style. Over 10k+ happy customers.

The 5 Minute Reels Toolkit

The ultimate collection of Canva templates and resources to help you create viral reels in 5 minutes or less without dancing or being on camera.

The Viral Content Club®  

The ultimate membership for experts who want more sales and less stress from their socials by plugging a proven content system with Canva templates so they can grow their brand 365/24/7

The Viral Bundles System® 

For influencers and entrepreneurs with large communities who want to create a viral low ticket offer & funnel that brings paying customers 24/7/365. 

What Clients & CUSTOMERS HAVE TO Say

Before I was never sure if my posts were hitting the mark. Now I know I am creating something that looks fab and gets the message across... BOOM!



You could sell these templates for $500 and they would still be under their worth!



I come back to Katya time and time again because she knows how to create content that goes viral and emotionally impacts your audience. She helped me create a video that reached 97k people organically (and got 61k views and 606 shares).



I came across Katya when my client hired her for a viral video. When I saw my client's post had over 100k views in the first few days, I knew I had to know her. When it comes to virality, Katya is the real deal.



These templates are GREAT. They save a lot of my time ... and the best part ... they inspire me to actually create!



Katya is an overall marketing genius. The way she uses psychology in her messaging and content is brilliant. I once used a viral script she gave me and that one post generated me twenty thousand dollars.




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Imagine having a year’s worth of viral content ideas you can not only use to plan your 2024 marketing with, but you can also rebrand & resell it and keep 100% of the profits. 
✨ Save time on your content creation 
✨ Never ever get stuck on your video hooks or captions 
✨ Get people clicking and buying without being salesy
✨ Rebrand, modify and resell the content with private label rights 
The 2024 Done-For-You Viral Content Calendar PLR bundle includes: 
✅ 2024 Social Media Calendar PDF: 366 content prompts (with special days), 150 video/caption hooks, and 93 ready-to-use CTAs for your content planning.
✅ Editable Canva Templates to create your own branded 2024 content calendar in minutes instead of spending weeks researching, curating, organizing, designing, and putting together from scratch.
✅ BONUS Canva Pages: 150 Viral Video & Caption Hooks to stop the scroll and grab the attention with your content.
✅ BONUS Canva Pages: 93 High-Converting & Non-Salesy Call To Actions - so people don’t just enjoy the content but also take action to become loyal fans and customers.
✅ Editable Notion board version of all the content ideas and bonuses.
✅ Private label rights license which allows you to white-label, re-brand, and re-sell the materials as your own digital product, lead magnet, or as part of your courses, memberships, or services.
✅ Invitation to our customers-only Facebook community
✅ Buy today - get instant access to all of the above while saving 50% off with this early bird price.
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"You were not wrong. The 5th reel got over 3000 views. I love how quick and easy they are to create this way."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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